Bricks Breaker

Relax and take part in the Bricks Breaker game, where you have to erase the colored neon figures with numbers on each level. You can choose unlimited levels that start with one ball and many shapes moving from a higher place. There is a mode in which you will immediately have twelve balls at your disposal and you can barrage blocks with them without fear of passing. The game Blocks Breaker creates habits and is wonderful. To destroy the obstacles as skillfully as you might expect, choose the right point of the shot and then with the help of ricochets you can get a lot of tricks out of fear. Develop your arkanoid abilities in Brick Breaker! Move the paddle left and right to keep the ball in play. You have to react quickly to hit the ball as it swings on each divider. The goal is to clear each block. Try to break each of the blocks before the clock runs out or you are left without lives. 20 very fun levels that take you back to the past of NES's Arkanoid game. Assemble the catalysts and move up to help you break the blocks as a whole.