Cut the Rope

Make a sweet escape with Cut the Rope! Meet Om-Nom, one of the cutest game characters you've ever seen! He is constantly hoping to fulfill his sweet tooth and the needs of your help, arriving at the candy as he tries to clear his way through the various mysteries along the way. Join him on this sweet excursion and test your riddle skills while Om-Nom knocks on the treats you give him. Cut the Rope has an instinctive interactivity that anyone can dominate without a hitch. As a player, your goal is to pass the candy to the main character, Om-Nom, by cutting the ropes to which the desserts are attached. Be careful with these scissors! You need to study the level plan before you start cutting ropes. You need to understand how the gravitational factors are in. At certain levels the sweets will be attached to different ropes. To complete the level effectively, you need to choose which ropes to cut. Cutting some unacceptable rope will make the candy stop and leave Om-Nom with sad eyes and you with an unfinished level. Time is also important. Keep an eye on the candy as it swings, starting on one side, then the next. Measure your time efficiently and you will be able to complete each level effortlessly. There is no compelling reason to jump, Om-Nom is stubborn. You will also see three shining stars on each level. They can be collected at will, but hitting them all will expand your overall score for that level. In case you neglect to collect a few, you can replay the level at any point you need. Challenge yourself and try to collect all the stars!