Wheat Farming

Wheat Farming is a multiplayer farming game where you can farm online with friends or without anyone else to be the best farmer around. You have a fertile plot of real estate and it is full of crops like wheat and carrots. Start by grabbing a free truck, then at that point buy and upgrade your sickle and start your grain selling business. Cash in and head to the forge to buy loads of cool sickles with energized hides and precious jewels. Really look at the heater to make delicious carrot cakes and sell them. As you get better at improving, you can get better trucks that can fly! You can also change your look and wear something else to cultivate style. Focus on the progress bar above to complete it and call the boss. Wheat cultivation is not just cultivation, it has loads of stunts and wonders. Explore the depths of this liberating experience and be sure to pass it on to your companions to participate in peaceful coexistence! Be sure to check the scoreboard in the city community to find out who is the triumphant.