Axe Master

Ax Master is a basic easy game to click and lubricate. Tap the screen to drop your ax, trying to achieve the goal you are focusing on. To build your hit rate, you need to judge in advance. From time to time your target was in a fixed place, sometimes they will move, beware of the bomb target, if you hit them, you will lose the game. In the new game Ax Master, take part in an ax, throwing rivalries. In front of you on the screen you will see the battlefield, which will be your targets. You will be given a certain number of tomahawks. You have to carefully analyze everything and once you have selected the goal, click on it with the mouse. Then you throw the ax at the target. If we assume that your vision is accurate, the ax will cut off the target and you will be given a specific measure to focus on it. In fact, look at your backbone in the web-based game Ax Master. There will be several tricks in front of you in which you will send tomahawks. However, everything is not so clear, the goals will be moved and entering them will be very disturbing. At each level you will find another test. For example, accents on the risk of impact: on them will be painted a skull with bones. Throwing an ax is a new and fast-growing game. Tap to throw axes (small tomahawks) at moving targets. Stay away from skulls and go for the bull's eye. The targets move, so remember the direction and determine the point of the ax you need to throw, which should hit the bulls. Break all the targets with the given number of tomahawks. Be careful to stay away from the targets of the skull. The comparative game accompanies the shoots, you have to hit the bulls, similar to the same topic followed for the ace. Try not to run out of tomahawks!