Gumball Darwin's Yearbook

"Gumball Darwin's Yearbook" is a great combination of riddle play and platformer, including Gumball and his companion Darwin from the energy TV series "The Amazing World of Gumball". Everyone should get some great pictures in the Darwin Anniversary game. Your dear characters from the Gumball TV show have been given a vital task. The school principal himself asked to be played. He is shrewd and realizes that Darwin is the one who can take care of the business. That's why he asked him by email to be the person who takes all the pictures in the yearbook. Nevertheless, completing a big task on time is almost incomprehensible without anyone to help. Maybe you can lend a hand to our legends to find every backup in the school! However, you should know that not everyone is a big fan of photography. Many difficulties lie ahead! Gumball and Darwin have all the important things to do, especially the part of photography. On the other hand, they need to be fully focused on their orders so that they are not aware of the various risks that could stop them. You need to use your console to guide them through the maze of wounds in the school hallways. The wrench bolts on your consoles will make a person move. The uncertainty is that you can't move both at the same time. You need to switch controls between Gumball and Darwin, as indicated by the environmental elements. To do this, you can press the Z key. The two satellites have different characteristics. For example, Gumball is taller than Darwin and therefore can jump higher. There is no place that is too high for him! At the same time, it can also carry heavy boxes from one place to another. Then again, Darwin is the one who can handle the camera. No one else can take favorite photos for him! You need to use your dark difference to decide how to reach your loved ones safely. The most ideal approach to this is to remember their unique abilities and use them to your potential advantage! Spend good moments in arranging everyone's annual photo! Also, remember that despite the fact that this is probably not your best photo, the memories are absolutely great. A great platform puzzle player where you help Gumball and Darwin take pictures for the yearbook. Control Darwin and Gumball independently, each with its own unique capabilities. Darwin is anxious not to enter the pages of the yearbook, and Gumball would not want to be left behind. The companions set off to take beautiful pictures. The companions will not oppose, they will help each other, and you will help them in the game The Amazing World of Gumball's Yearbook. The legends will be moved using the wrench bolts. To switch between characters, press the z button. Each saint is blessed with specific abilities, you will find out during the tour. Assemble cameras and defeat the deterrents.