Princess Wedding Cake

In the Princess wedding cake, a delicious experience that will make you have sweet teeth right now, hangs you tight! Take all the cakes at home before you knock the play, fasten and be ready to decorate the wedding cakes. In case you are ready to flaunt your ability to cook and lighten cakes, let the game begin from this moment! This is another day and we have another wedding cake to deliver! However, our princess can not be engaged in cooking, decorating and arranging the whole cake isolated. This is why she actually needs your help to be on schedule. There are a few hours left for the wedding, in fact we have so much work to do! Fortunately, the princess managed to cook and set the fixing measures long before you showed up. What you will do is help her with the beautification part. Click on the catch, arranged on the left and bottom of the game screen. Each catch enriches another piece of the wedding cake. You can choose the tonal tones in 3 separate parts and put the cute stylistic layouts on them. It may seem basic, yes. However, the question is whether you can make a praise cake for the wedding theme or will it be a normal cake that you can find in any confectionery? It's time to answer this question now!