Climb the Ladder

In Ladder, you'll need quick reflexes and great planning to move your hands without colliding with the dangerous obstacles scattered on the step stool! Travel the world in Story mode, where you'll wind up ascending steps from all over the world, from secret China to ancient Egypt, passing through the cold stacks of the North and right into space! Make fearsome managers that will prevent climbing equipped with a missile launcher in each hand! Follow the world record in race mode, where every 100th of the following sums! Climb the step as fast as you can, but don't charge too much or your hands may be shocked, stung, or you'll lose your grip! Challenge the online leaderboard in Arcade mode, where every meter of the step stool adds up! Hop, hook, transport, but always be careful when you put your hands! Move higher than other online parts in the world leaderboards! Try to open each of the skins for your hands in the store! There are those who like to climb the step with knight's gloves and those who lean towards two whimsical loops! It is your decision! Climbing may seem simple from the start because of the one-touch, one-touch interactivity that's easy to adapt but hard to master, but you'll soon see that organizing multiple hands to the highest point of the step stool can be more confused than expected!