Mini Flips Plus

Mini Flips Plus is a puzzle platformer where the goal is to collect every one of the coins in each level with your table.

Reduced Flip in addition to is here to test your understanding, reflexes and system abilities with special levels and difficulties! Control a miniature ball that moves left and directly above the stage by jumping it with perfect timing! Collect each of the coins, avoid enemies, use records and find a nostalgic arcade world!

Go to a pixel world with endless fires, supernatural portals and traffic jam enemies! You can do anything in this world by just jumping! You can go through an entire domain by timing your jumps and staying away from destructive hazards! This world has two modes and more than one hundred and sixty levels. You can start the level mode immediately or watch a short promo to open the Speedrun mode. Practicing the levels would be a good start before trying your hand at the speed runs. The world first shows you the basic moves. You have to plan the jumps according to your personality as she moves around the stage. Then at that point you figure out how to use the inputs and play with gravity. The inputs change the laws of physics about your personality, allowing you to stand and walk upside down. Use them decisively to avoid the traps and collect every one of the gold coins.

Mini Flips Plus is an arcade game about collecting every one of the coins in the field by jumping, flipping sides and avoiding obstacles. Complete north of 160 levels in this challenging game.

Mini Flips Plus is an extremely unusual arcade scene and physical science game where you have to help the main character of this story to collect each one of the coins in each level while trying not to color because of the loops along the way.

Pay attention to the view carefully, jump at every fundamental point and stay away from huge deterrents and enemies throughout all 160 truly amazing levels. Try not to give in to this mindset of difficulties along the way and prepare to experience them more than ever before!