Mad Scientist Clicker: Idle Crazy Inc

Mad Scientist Clicker: Idle Crazy Inc is a clicker game where you want to create a shrewd partnership and protect it from tireless thieves! As a newly appointed chief, you include various rooms in the organization that generate revenue. To protect these coins from theft, you must assign a security officer to each room. These safety officers are crazy animals from your organization with special powers. Use the rewards obtained from effectively defeating marauders to upgrade your guards. Fight alongside your guardian and attack opponents to deal damage. The more battles you participate in, the stronger your organization becomes! Is it true or not that you are ready to monitor and guard your malicious enterprise?

Get ready to become the chief administrator of a disgusting partnership, taking command of possibly the craziest chemist who is ready to do anything for his boss, who has declared war on anyone who needs to get rich at the expense of your company. In any case, they haven't the foggiest idea of ​​what awaits them, and will probably find out when the rotten teeth of startling beasts are stuck to their necks. Stop the enemy invasion and create a multitude of beasts!