Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense

The war started in the pixie sphere. Many crazy chickens move to the capital, destroying everything in their path. In the game Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense you will protect it from intrusion. A specific region will be visible on the screen in front of you. With the help of an exclusive control board, you must place cannons in deliberately significant places. When the chicken guns appear, they will start firing them. The shells hitting the enemy will erase them and you will get focus for that. On them you can win new weapons or create new guarded designs. Find a gun, consolidate and join them to make it more grounded, and beware of multiple chickens. The chicken riot recently started with some chickens all over the planet. They would like to take responsibility for the world, and if you do not guard your country with weapons, your property will be heavily affected by the crazy chickens. They have no fear and just have to overcome it. You can take out weapon towers if you have enough coins. By deleting chicken soldiers, you can acquire a few coins. Every time you make the top, it will be on the first level. You can build the level of the vertices by connecting two vertices at a similar level. Make sure you increase the power of the divider. A wild bunch of killer bright chickens will attack your property in Merge Cannon Chicken Defense! Can you redesign your defense towers because of the money you accumulate with each killing of the enemy? It sounds clear, but as the game progresses, your opponent's armed forces will be much more reasonable and diverse, so you need to be patient and gallant as you move quickly and consolidate your cannons to expand your defenses. Given that your protection is at the forefront, would you be able to eliminate the strong swarms that are taking steps to wipe out your territory. This game is a mix of two union and defense classes! Many chickens walk to your palace. We need your help now! Allied weapons, repair your palace and protect it from the chickens! There are quick chickens that will end up with the ultimate manager's chicken! The opportunity has come to consolidate your cannons and protect your palace from these brutal chickens. Is it true to say that you are prepared, or will you back down?