Knights and achievements are fundamental ideas in the game space, in case the saint is a knight, somewhat obvious, then at this point he will have to fight someone. In the game Hoppenhelm you will also meet a knight who has to clean the prison from the vile snail beasts. They have completed each of the corridors and are taking steps to get out and then the kingdom will end. The saint decided that he would adapt himself to the beasts, but without you he would feel terrible. In this way help the saint in Hopenhelm. It will move by jumping, in light of the fact that the stone floor consists of individual pieces. Some of them are extremely delicate and you should not drive them for a long time. Hoppenhelm is a game for a relaxed experience, made by BUN GUN. You are Sir Hopenhelm, lost in the depths of the prison of his own palace, Dunkelburg. You have to jump, make a square and cut your direction to the top, while collecting any amount of coins and wealth, as would be reasonable. Be careful with your planning on the grounds that the floor is the magma for real in this game. Anyway, don't worry, you can spend the coins you acquired to make Sir Hopenhelm more grounded and more bouncy. In addition, you can open new partners with different options or even new weapons. Could you skip your direction to the top?