Grandma Recipe Apple Pie

Grandma Recipe Apple Pie is a cooking game in which you will help Annie reproduce her grandmother's fruit dessert recipe. Find and set up the gadgets, cook the pie flawlessly and add some tasty toppings. Dress up Annie in adorable clothes, take a photo and add some fun emoticons. This cooking game is sure to be a great and fascinating experience.

Grandma's Fruit Dessert Recipe is a superb cooking game in which you will help Annie to reproduce her grandmother's revered fruit dessert recipe. Continue the culinary experience as you search and prepare the best toppings, warm the breathtaking pie and add fabulous toppings. Get creative and refresh Annie in amazing outfits, capture important moments with a photo and add a dose of fun with lively emoticons. This cooking game commits to a truly flavorful and enchanting experience that will leave you craving for more.

A young lady named Annie must put her grandmother's fruit dessert recipe on the map. You will help her in this amazing new web based game Grandma Recipe Fruit Dessert. Before you on the screen will be noticeable the young lady who will be in the kitchen. She will have food and various utensils. To be able to cook according to the pie recipe in the game, there is help. You must follow the prompts on the screen to spread the mixture, place the filling in it, and then heat the pie in the broiler. Once the pie is made, you can improve it with various consumable upgrades in the game Grandma Recipe Apple Pie.