Snake Solver

Snake Solver is an adorable puzzle game where you have to help a little snake get to their number one bite: an apple! Snakes love apples, but unfortunately they usually seem too far away or locked behind doors. Fortunately for you, this snake is a fast producer! By eating yellow beans, the snake can fill in size. This can help them reach faraway places or press different buttons instantly - with such power, solving puzzles becomes significantly more feasible! Aren't snakes your number one creature? Forget about it! There are many different creatures to unlock such as caterpillars or fish. Just relax in the event that you stop at any of the levels, you can constantly require a supporting track! Could you at any time take care of your snake and take each of the apples?

Feed the snakes in the Snake Solver game with ready-made red apples. To do this, you have to solve puzzles in each level, in light of the fact that reaching the apples is really difficult. They can be locked, and to open the entrance you really want to press the red buttons. Use any of the snakes that are fair and honest. Switch between legends by pressing the space bar. To increase the length of the snake, which can be basic, collect brilliant grains. In each next level, the amount of obstacles will evolve and make you think to beat them in Snake Solver.