Ant Colony

Tackle a small underground kingdom of insects in the game Ant Colony and prepare to collect assets and increase your strong armed force thanks to your work and dedication. Focus on your mistakes and prepare to fight against different provinces to expand your power.

Work on your positioning, carefully explore the area around the habitat of the ant colony and catch various bugs, for example insects, which will allow you to work on your solidarity and protection from potential clashes, show everyone the strength of your army and win a final triumph .

Ant Colony has something for every bug fan! Collect your bug province, select officers and champions, and attack different teams for assets! Build unique strategies for your gathering; will you concentrate around the guard or keep a strong placement to different players? You can choose anything for your bug fix!

How about we prepare you to have your place as an authority in your absolute first battle! Try not to let the mind-blowing frame of self-improvement confuse you; Specialized insects will manage the harvest as you increase the fighting abilities of your fighters! You get unique options for your powers consistently; attack these units to add them to your army. They cannot be purchased from the store, so be careful about bringing them into your battles. You go up against the armed forces of other players as you strike, and this suggests that the opposing forces evolve each day as you get stronger. Rate your province and add new units according to their requirements. There are three assets and three types of working underground insects for each asset type. Try to keep your food and materials in balance and use your extra materials to enroll more recruits. Watch short ads to get tickets and additional assets without pause.