One Line

One Line welcomes you to take part in a silly round of reasoning and riddles where you must test your creative mind and material science insight if you have any desire to withstand the risks around you.

What wonders await you on the other side of the screen? Beware of death due to dangerous bombs, landmines, furious colonies and professional assassins equipped with powerful firearms. Discover the risks around you and try to avoid them all soundly thanks to your amazing ability with the pencil.

One Line is a puzzle game where you set a line to protect a person from something deplorable. From heavy rain and powerful honey bees to raging goliaths, your main goal is to use the power of One Line to protect this innocent person.

Set boundaries to get out of various terrifying situations! Stones, snails, monsters, honey bees and many other components are only a second away from arriving at the person.

You can protect this careless person by setting a lonely boundary so that he prevents the risk of contact with him. The puzzles get a little harder as you progress, and in any case, there are new components to think about with each level.