Idle Breakout

An inactive form of a sample breakout. Use different packs with different strength, speed and extreme capacity to crush 1,000,000 blocks! You quickly buy and repair balls by watching them break each of the blocks on the screen. Clicking together will also help you faster.

Idle Breakout modernizes the iconic Atari game. The seminal breakthrough for Atari was an outstanding game. This advanced idle game, however, takes the class to a higher level. During the game you have to touch the shaded blocks to earn money. Each block you click gives you a certain cost - this can be revised. You can then use the money to buy breakout balls and upgrades so you can crush the blocks faster.

Redesigns are amazing - each ever-evolving overhaul costs more. There are a few different types of balls to look into - the plasma ball, for example, has splash damage and casts faster. In addition to the balls, you can also purchase boosters that continue to work for a certain period. The instant rage boost, for example, lets you generate energy balls for 30 seconds wherever you click. See how far you can advance and the number of Idle Breakout levels you can complete.

Idle Breakout is an idle block smashing game where you have to open and recycle different types of balls that will clear the blocks for your benefit! Start the game by tapping the blocks and then once you have enough money you can start dropping the balls on the blocks! There are many redesigns and balls like extra power in your clicks or toxin balls that taint different blocks to deal double damage. Can you escape?