StoryZoo Games is a fun educational game that is perfect for youngsters. There are various little games that can train your brain like memory games, word games, picture puzzles, shading, from there the sky is the limit. Learn in a cheeky way.

It's time for school with StoryZoo Games! Choose any class you like and participate in the silly puzzles! You can draw pictures and diversify them, match the indistinguishable pictures, make new companions and get to know the world better! Get ready for your next most loved class and get involved!

Meet your new review group; everyone is welcome in this workshop! Warm up with a cuddly bear, a hot-tempered parrot and a cheeky monkey along the way and help your daily educational needs with this great example! We recognize dubs taking everything into account, so get together and pick a theme! You can move your mouse around the classroom to see your choices. We have five discretionary exercises ready for the afternoon. The exercises you can go to by touching the pictures on the wall, the toys on the table and the ground, and the pretty cards are more centered around visual symbolism, while the illustrations on the board are more etymologically arranged. Vary pictures, coordinate pictures of creatures with their shadows, use the letters to fill the spaces and make creature names, match the indistinguishable pictures and rotate shapes to open all the pictures! Try all games to redo all abilities and finish your class in the main place.

Welcome to the exciting new web based game StoryZoo. In it we have to give you a set of energizing riddles with which you can test your knowledge, attention and memory. On the screen in front of you will appear symbols, each of which is responsible for a certain riddle. You click on the game you need to play. For example, you need to test your memory. In front of you on the screen will appear cards located down. In one maneuver, you turn over any two cards and look at the pictures of creatures on them. Then they will return to their unique distance. Your task is to find two indistinguishable pictures and open them at the same time. Therefore, you will eliminate them from the battlefield and for this you will be given focuses in the StoryZoo game.