Fierce Shot

Take your place in the football competition in an anime area with Fierce Shot! Deposit money and focus on expertise, face brave opponents, advance through the competition and see if you can reach the finish! Learn phenomenal attacks to defeat your opponents on the green field and show off your skills!

Climb your way through an anime soccer competition with these difficulties! Keep your feet warm and your abilities open as this won't be like some other matches you've been to. Your opponents may be experts, but you have inimitable shots. Watch the situations of your opponents on the field and plot a course for the ball. You can draw a turn to fool the enemy. Watch out for the bottom start and avoid different players. Utility hits fill the power hit bar above, offering your next chance to level up. You can watch the in-game walkthrough to learn how to implement this ability. Secure expert focuses by winning matches and rework your abilities in the profile menu. Prepare for the cups and races, follow the leads and win them all to unlock all abilities! Use your interesting abilities and get as far as possible.

Is it safe to say that you really love football and manga? The two are currently dating on Fierce Shot!

We have to start the race! Complete each of the Mainland and Global Cups difficulties and no one can stop you from becoming the best on the planet.

Work on your abilities by training in endless mode and manage your progress step by step to improve your shot, more grounded and more accurate.

Fierce Shot is a physics-based soccer game where you complete every difficulty in the Mainland and Global Cups, and no one will actually want to stop you from becoming the best on the planet. Work on your abilities through a constant training regime and master your improvement step by step to better, more grounded and more accurate shots!