Knight Dash

Tie the tread to your head and prepare your blade in this arcade game to collect currency. Guide your way through the prisons to collect coins and open cash registers. Observe the vital for each level to open the way to a higher level. Use obstacles to pause and ask for your potential benefit. Think ahead in light of the fact that you probably won't be able to go back to where you were. The valiant knight went on a mission to Knight Dash. He walked for a long time, in light of the fact that there were no ponies. Not long after, a palace appeared not far away. The saint was extremely cheerful. Here he can rest and assume that the owners are benevolent. He will also be taken care of. However, after entering the stone entrance, the legend realized that this palace as a whole is not as basic as it seemed. Inside, it turns to endless swollen passages, like a maze. There are gold coins lying right on the floor, and the exit plan can be found if we assume that you are watching the golden key in Knight Dash. Help the legend not to get lost, collect all the gold and effectively catch up with anyone who just turns out to be more disturbing.