Super MadRex

Super MadRex is a nonsense-free, invigorating, testing game for anyone who is able to go above and beyond to achieve their goal. Aim through the little meat character to reach the entrance on many levels and use your extraordinary abilities to overcome each of the obstacles, stay away from each of the loops and drain anywhere on the floor. Jump against each of the dividers and pass your direction through the most risky obstacles. Play with the mouse to move or connect to the screen of mobile phones The object of the game is to complete each level, working on your score, to help the little red man get out of his aspect by directing him to the entrance of each level. Super Rex - a legend of the ninja, who found himself in a dangerous world in Super Mad Rex and has now figured out how to control many enemies, sending them to the ancestors. He has to go back right now, but in the end it wasn't easy. It is important to go through many levels through sparkling purple portals. Use the wild power of man and your fast brain and agility. The saint has a predetermined number of jumps to find himself in the circle of the entrance. You will see the full number of moves in the upper left corner. Click on the ninja and it will start spinning. Aim the green bolt at the ideal place and the way the person jumps. Try to collect each of the stars while flying in Super Mad Rex.