Pong The Ball

Pong Ball is an extremely simple game for children. This is a game in which you want to score as many tricks as possible by moving shaded balls - the unsuccessful one must hit the ball with such shading. Have a good time. You just have to support your reflexes and match a ball with a similar color and let the ball bounce and match such shaded balls and achieve a high score. Playing like ping pong is both easy and disturbing. You can mess with it and throw balls or balls without thinking where they will fly, or promote your own game technique and follow it until you win. Everything is similar in the game Pong Ball. The guidelines are extremely basic - do not allow a constantly moving ball to hit the ball, which does not coordinate with its tone. The task is much simpler - to achieve the greatest focus. Be extremely careful and move the top or main lines of the balls on a schedule to prevent the game from stopping. Your best result will be saved so you can see your development elements.