We Become What We Behold

We Become What We Behold is a point and click game created by Nicky Case. In this remarkable 5-minute game, the player captures the news with his camera. Choosing what to remember and what to avoid from the edge shapes the rest of the tale of Squares and Circles. Start by catching small misconceptions between circle and square and watch your choices increase the tension between most circles and squares. It can be said that the game reveals how virtual entertainment amplifies small contrasts into gross monsters. At this point, feel free to start minding your own business until the climax of the story unfolds directly in front of you (or focal points). Will you choose harmony or viciousness in We Become What We Behold? What really makes people move? Outrage and contempt? Perhaps. You start by catching a small misjudgment between a circle and a square, then enhance it in the media so that more observers see it. This increases the pressure between the circles and the squares, creating a pattern of outrage and contempt that quickly spirals to a brutal climax. We shape our tools, then at that point our apparatuses shape us. Take pictures of people walking around. Capture different situations and different characters in this addictive and fun web based game.