Run Rich 3D

A man named Jack really has to make tons of money. Therefore, he chose to take part in an interesting rivalry called Run Rich 3d. You will help him win them. In front of you on the screen you will see the starting line on which your person will stand. In front of him you will see a treadmill that goes into the distance. At the sign, your man will run forward, gradually gaining speed. Using the control keys, you will control the person's activities. There will be different types of obstacles when crossing, from which your saint must stay away. Bundles of money will be scattered everywhere. In controlling the saint, you must gather them all and focus on him. Have a good time right now with this new form of Run Rich 3D in our range! Your goal is to reach the finish line of the track by collecting as much money as can be expected along the way. You start the game as a tramp and the more money you raise, the better your clothes will look. Be extremely careful not to collect an excessive number of jugs and trash cans, so as not to become less happy and unhappy! Watch out for criminals scattered around the track, if you do not contact them, the game will be lost. This is a story of a lady who starts her daily life from the ground up and experiences it as indicated by her decisions. This 3D run can make her rich or make her poor. You will make several decisions about her and if we assume that you need her to have a decent life, you should beware of terrible and hurtful things during her trip during this game. Hooligans, terrible eating patterns, terrible decisions about a profession can make her unhappy and make her have a terrible life. Make sure she usually makes the best decision. In Run Rich 3D, you will probably get rich by collecting money and deciding on cash choices. For example, would you choose to concentrate instead of driving online? You see, this game will turn everyone, even the most intemperate, into a balanced creature with considerable monetary insight.