CPL Tournament 2020

Abduct the bat and its ball the opportunity to play a competition for the main cricket union. The CPL competition is for cricket fans. Choose your IPL group (Indian class) and get started. You can play 2, 5 or 10 overs. Just tap the screen to make an effort. You have to win 4 games to reach the quarterfinals. In each match you have to pursue a goal with obvious balls. With amazing design and great sound effects, you will adore this cricket match. So start hitting huge sixes. In England, such a game as cricket is very mainstream. Today in the new CPL tournament 2020 you can go to England and play in the title of this game. A game field will appear on the screen in front of you, where your man will be with a unique bat in his hands. There will be a unique door behind it. Your opponent moves to throw the ball at them. You need to determine the direction of its flight and click on the screen with the mouse in the ideal place. In case you have determined everything exactly, your saint will hit the ball with a bat and repel it. This way you will get tricks. From now on you will be a worker and your task is to score the ball.