Scooby Doo Downhill Dash 2

Scooby Doo Downhill Dash 2 is a game that restricts top-down movement based on Scooby-Doo's animated television arrangement. Play as Scooby-Doo and slide through the woods beyond what many would consider a possible accumulation of things along the way. Help Scooby-Doo stay away from the ghost by sledding down the mountain. Collect Scooby's snacks for extra tricks, avoiding all obstacles on the slope. Keep flying down the slope until you lose your whole life. Gather enough snacks to bring your username to the top of the list of high scores. Assist Scooby-Doo with getting away from the phantom pursuing him by riding on a wooden log downhill. Make quick work of the slope as quick as possible and keep away from every one of the hindrances. How far might you at any point get? Scooby-Doo strolling in the mountains was gone after by desolate phantoms. Our legend had the option to race to the street that prompts the mountainside. Bouncing onto the sled, he surged forward along the incline. You in the game Scooby-Doo Downhill Dash 2 should assist him with getting away from the quest for phantoms. Before you on the screen you will see your personality sitting in a sled. He will slowly get a move on to rush forward. On his way will run over different sorts of obstructions. You will utilize the control keys to drive him to perform different sorts of moves out and about. Subsequently, he will keep away from crashes with snags. In the event that generally a similar this occurs, he will tumble from the sled and the apparitions will find him. Scooby is making tracks again in the Downhill Dash 2 Game! Since the group has separated in looking for signs, Scooby is by and by alone on potentially anything Godforsaken peak. To arrive at the base, he'll need to set out on a chilling experience down on the elusive, cold slants of the slope. Is it safe to say that you are certain he can come to the end alone? Additionally, recollect the Chained Green Ghosts from A Night of Fright Is No Delight episode? Yes, they're back and prepared to kill. Also, more critically, following all Scooby's paws step. Your responsibility is to assist Scooby with making quick work of the slope. Utilize your abilities and assurance to clear your path through the labyrinth of revulsions and finish the race before the apparitions get you. Do you suppose you have the stuff for this test? We should figure it out. Very much like previously, you'll need to utilize the bolts to clear your path through trees and burial ground stones. The standards are basic: attempt to not get skewered and stay away from all hindrances that surface in your manner. Attempt to remain on the focal path for additional treats, yet in addition additional difficult deterrents, or guard it on the less compensating side paths. It's your decision! While on the run, attempt to gather whatever number bites as could reasonably be expected. They are a certain approach to arriving at the most noteworthy score on the Billboard. Sadly, there are no additional lives to single out the excursion down. You just get three hearts toward the start of the game, and you continue to slide until you run out of them, so make a point to keep Scooby in good shape.