Cat Loves Cake 2

Cat Loves Cake 2 is an expert/stage game created by DoubleDutch Games. You play as a funny cat person and you have to wobble your way through the level to get to the flavor cake! Watch out for the spikes and traps along the way! Unlock an increasing number of playable creatures as you complete levels. If it happens a few times, the level will show you the ideal course to take. Can you complete all levels and unlock every single playable person at some point?

Not all cats like to eat fish. The game will introduce you to a one-of-a-kind cat who just loves sweet cakes. For its number one delicacy, this whiskered grumbler is cooked for a ton. However, the adoration of desserts has made him clumsy, and now the cat's needs help to get to the sought-after cake.