Super Kill-BOI 9000

A brave traveler and his robot have arrived on an unknown planet. Our legends must walk on its surface and collect tests. You in the game Super Kill-BOI 9000 will go along with them in this experience. An area will appear in front of you on the screen where your legends will be. Using the control keys, you will force your character to move around the area according to the directions provided. He must collect the scattered hearts and take them to the robot. In this, he will be frustrated by various unsafe organic creatures that will organize a pursuit of your legend. You must give with the purpose of your personality going around them. Or on the other hand you can go after them and use weapons to wipe out the opponent. For every enemy you kill in Super Kill-BOI 9000 game, you will be given a certain number of focuses.

Defend yourself against a crowd of huge executioner beasts full of curiously large eyes as you control your very own toaster oven as a battle robot in the game Super Kill-BOI 9000! Explore a wide assortment of weapons of different types and join them to make them significantly bigger and ridiculously strong! Can it be said that you are prepared for a great time frame?

You will have the opportunity to do anything you put your energy into, even shooting cannons - anything is possible in this extraordinary experience! Also, the craziest and most startling attacks are in the possession of your creative mind. As the game progresses, the war zone will become more and more crowded and become a real nightmare. Be brave and show your amazing mind and breathtaking reflexes until, thanks to good cooperation, you figure out how to win the final triumph.

Super Kill-BOI 9000 is an activity game where you have to carry the hearts of the robot, Super Kill-BOI 9000, so that you can redesign and make the robot significantly stronger. You can play this rendition of the game or play with your companion on location. Move prepared and defeat the beasts!


Super Kill-BOI 9000 is a cheat endurance game where you have an adorable robot that feeds on the hearts of the beasts you kill and gets stronger with cool upgrades. As a stickman who uses a stick, you want all the canning help you can get from your mechanical sidekick. Hit each of the monsters using your wand and equip Kill-BOI 9000 with your hearts so it can become more grounded. Explore a huge assortment of weapons and move up to consolidate them. Unlock weapons, protection and caps to change your gear! There are 3 guides and plenty of moves up to explore: cannonballs, projectiles, dark holes, drones, buzzsaws, even co-op energy updates to extend the impact of a force. You can play it with your companion using the central 2-player mode! Be sure to head back to the main menu to pull the Kill-BOI switch in exchange for 100 hearts so you can drop some legendary loot for your personality. Try sharing Super Kill-BOI 9000 with your companion and try playing it together!