Daily Solitaire

For every individual who likes to spend their time behind different solitaire games, we have presented yet another assortment of daily solitaire games. At the beginning of the game, a schedule will be displayed in front of you. You must click on a specific day to select a specific day. Before you open the battlefield, on which there will be cards lying in piles. You need to free the field from them. To do this, you need to move cards with reversed suits to each other to reduce. For example, on the red lord you need to put a dark woman. In case you run out of moves, you can take a card from the help deck. Congratulations, you've arrived at the home of the best daily solitaire challenges. Right now you're here, you can tackle our irresistible solitaire games as much as you want. Get your solitaire here! However, know that when you start our connecting solitaire challenges every day, you'll probably think it's hard to stop.