Basketball Swooshes

Basketball Swooshes is a variation on the widely adored group activity of ball ricocheting. Guide one of 16 public groups through the race leaderboard, earning stars every time you score a basket. You'll need to score 11 focuses before your opponent, but each time you score one, you'll need to readjust your position slightly to note the following. The PC opponent will not back down from you, so don't take your time! In case you like, you can play Basketball Swooshes with a companion. Like every game you'll find on this site, it's in HTML5, so you'll be able to play it anywhere you want. Choose your number one group, at this point try to show the world that you are the great shooting crates in this fun online ball game. Turn to your side or another as you try to go through several stages, at this point try to go through the section to become the winner of the race. Your final score will be sent after you lose or beat the entire game.