Push My Chair

Push My Chair is an interesting relaxing game where you have to be the last one sitting to be the winner! Banish your opponents from the spots with your man in the workplace. Use the weapon on all fours to push as hard as possible. There are different weapons that you can use during the push seat fight. Let the battle begin.

Turn your office punching job into a representative death race with Push My Chair! Pushing people out of structures with seats may sound terrible in reality, but it's how people help to have fun during their inter-day breaks here. Save all unfinished work and lock your computer; we have windows to break!

Who says you can't use fire extinguishers for a little fun? Indeed, regulations and rules can. But no one can stop you from doing that in this office! You are allowed anything however long you are in the structure. You can move in the four main bearings to stay inside the zone and focus on your opponents. You don't have to confront anyone directly; to relax and sit tight to overcome each other for you is usually an opportunity for simple success. Move towards an opponent and try to keep them in your range to shoot them. These attacks will push them somewhat, sending them out of the structure if they are near a window. Keep chasing down different players while staying out of their reach to be the last worker to last the mid-day break. Don't forget to really check out the unlockables and change your legend.

Is it possible to have a great time at work? Indeed, by the way, office workers are very imaginative about finding ways to distance themselves from the power of their workplace. Office workers are experiencing the ill effects of stationary work, so they start thinking of different ways to have a great time and stop what's happening a bit. At such a speed, another type of game will appear in the Olympic set - office. It differs from the others in that it includes office furniture and various extras such as sports equipment.

Specifically, in the game Push My Chair, the main method of transportation is office chairs and rockers. Your legend has already equipped his own, received a fire extinguisher to make a support force, and is ready to fight against desk associates. You also have to choose a mode: single or two and try to push your rivals out of the workplace, even through the window covering in Push My Chair.

Now is the right time to prepare for a crazy office fight! The goal is to push your fellow office workers out of the field using nearby weapons and devices. With a variety of weapons and locations to explore, this web-based game will be an extraordinary encounter. You can play it solo in 1-player mode, or welcome a buddy to jump in and cut loose in 2-player mode. So grab a weapon, grab a seat and let the battle begin! Trust me, you won't be able to resist the addiction of this seat-pushing, office fight.