Mine Sweeper

Mine Sweeper is a table game made by MarketJS. Evaluate a rethought example of when a minefield is held for cleaning. Use your brain and memory to develop the tiles you see. Try to stay away from the one with the mine, or you're done! The blank tile will develop a number that shows the proximity to the nearest mine. There are 3 settings for problems and countless hours to soak. Feel free to try to clear the field! In the intriguing new game Mine Sweeper you will function as a sapper. You need to manage the removal of explosives. A playing field divided into an equivalent number of cells will appear on the screen. The bombs will be hidden somewhere in some of them. You have to kill them. To do this, look carefully at everything and click on one of the cells. It will show some specific shadows. It will show the number of unfilled cells close to each other, or the number of bombs may be close. Once you have found a cage with explosives, you need to check that it is anything but a warning. When you disarm each of the explosives, you will receive tricks and move on to the next more disturbing level of the game.