Mahjong Mania

Go bananas with Mahjong Mania! In this adaptation of the well-known work of art, 150 levels of testing in three troubles are delayed to be settled. Find the fastest possible coordination with sets to win each gold prize and become a definite mahjong ace. Here is another amazing game Mahjong lunacy online, where all players who love to play mahjong will find something new and intriguing for themselves. The essence of the game is very clear. In front of us on the battlefield screen there will be dice with printed pictures on them. Sometimes they will be in different mathematical forms. Our task is to clear the entire battlefield of bones, looking for and choosing two indistinguishable items. You will be given tricks for each fruitful move (decision). By the way, the ability to fulfill the responsibility is limited, so try to solve the mystery as quickly as you might expect. For particularly disturbing minutes, there are hints and the possibility of rearranging the figures, but you can use this several times, so we suggest you do not waste them. Delightful illustrations and brilliant melodic copy will not leave any player aside. The game is designed for players of all ages, as what could be more enjoyable than sitting and arranging an intriguing circle of Mahjong madness.