Raft Wars

Raft Wars is a fun, level-based shooting made by Martijn Kunst, where you and your brother / brother Simon must defend your fortune from enemies, taking all things into account! Originally equipped with your pontoon and only a few tennis balls, you will have to consider your goal and force yourself to overcome the Vikings, privateers, packs and this is just the beginning! Hit your opponent to knock them off the pontoon or exhaust their well-being until they fall! Earn coins by triggering vital shots to open explosives, rockets and redesign pontoons. Raft Wars is the first form of this great game and the prehistory of the famous Raft Wars 2. Simon and his brother and sister have discovered a secret treasure on an abandoned beach, but still untidy and insatiable privateers must guarantee it for themselves! You have to get on your pontoon and use your weapons to get rid of the privateers and keep the wealth! This game has comparable interactivity with Angry Birds and you have to aim your weapons and record their curve and firing force and try to hit the privateers. Towards the end of each level, you can buy major repairs to your weapons and also to your pontoon to help you target privateers faster. This game is a great measure of fun and will keep you engaged for quite some time! Would you be able to complete each level and keep your status? Experience Raft Wars! It was a charming and warm day when Simon chose to play in the sand much like any child. He never suspected that he would be sucked into an experiment until he discovered a confidential, hidden treasure. News traveling fast and insatiable privateers knew about his discovery. These privateers are enthusiastic to take the fortune out of it, whether or not some sand castles will be erased all the time! Unfortunately for them, Simon and his brother and sister can't part with their recently discovered abundance so quickly and without a fight. Get on the pontoon and take control as you try to fight the evil privateers in Raft Wars. An average annual getaway to remember! In Raft Wars, your goal is to get every private person you experience in the levels while trying not to get yourself out of your own pontoon. With each level, private individuals will develop worse and more frantically as they invest to give you more effort. As you cross the levels and gain strength, they will call their private companions. Try not to let them join forces against you! In the same way you will have the opportunity to work on your pontoon and weapons while opening new things and characters. To remove the private, aim your weapon with the mouse and then change the power of your shot. When properly identified, you will hit privateers and transfer them, sending them to the depths of the ocean. Nowadays, fish have to manage these horrible privateers, taking all things into account. Test your point and take part in the interesting characters, activities and fun story of Raft Wars. In case you know how to break away from this game, be sure to check out our other comparison games in our ability games class. Or then again, in case you prefer to continue the trip, watch the second part of the series, Raft Wars 2!