Dungeons & Dress-Ups

Dungeons & Dress-Ups is an extraordinary game that combines components of dream pretend games. This game will put you in an otherworldly world full of wonder and excellence, and you can be whatever you want to be! Would you like to be an amazing fighter escaping from the genealogical line of soldiers of fortune? Would you like to be the devilish magical princess from a far away kingdom? Would you like to be a pink haired orc who uses bows and bolts? Or on the other hand you just need to be an anonymous mythical personage legend with an intriguing fashion sense for bygone eras? You can be any of them in prisons and dress up! You just need to create your legend and use the in-game board to change all parts of your personality from skin, hair, facial elements, clothes, weapons and scenery! When you're happy with your creation, tap the button on the left to save it to your gadget. Feel free to show us how much imagination you have - would you say you are ready to choose your own experience and make the perfect group of legends for your amazing stories?

In case you have been expecting to track a person by their face by making a photo ID of that person in the field of gaming, then at this point this game would be the best app for that reason. Coincidentally, not only to make an identikit, but for example to make another legend, and it doesn't matter what race he will be, what sort code he will have, or if he will have horns or any other development on his head.