Day D: Tower Rush

Day D: Tower Rush is a tower-keeping game where you have to build towers to chase the dinosaur! Meet a mix between the power of innovation and old beasts in this game. Adjust your methodology to overcome the dinosaurs. In this game you will go back in time and reach the time of the dinosaurs. Your task is to assemble several peaks in the style of pinnacle protection, which will protect you from these dangerous creatures. Their number will in any case increase, so you need to constantly develop your guard. Back in 2548, a researcher named Brian and his robot together designed the most up-to-date machine worker of the time, which is not immediately priminuli experience for themselves. Still, something didn't go right for the main characters of the game, and the initial test of this vehicle ended in disappointment, and our legends were in the time of murderous dinosaurs. Try to help the opposition against the attacks of saber-toothed reptiles and fix the time with machines to get back. The faster you do it, the faster the time machine takes you to your local time frame. Day D: Tower Rush is an advanced tower guard game. The illustrations are presented in 3D, which gives the game an interesting and invigorating style. The vertices should be implicitly safe zones, so pick a decent spot near the entrance where the baddies come from. Pinnacles can be reworked. Just make sure you protect the base.