Love Cat Line

Love Cat Line - Fun and charming puzzle game with intuitive interactivity. Show off your abilities and set an even limit to create an extension. Your vital goal of the game is to gather the love of two cats. Collect hearts and coins to buy new redesigns and open the following areas. Every time the mood heats up, no obstacles can stop them, they will be cleared. In the game Love Cat Line, your order will be a respected mission to rejoin two cats in love at each stage of entry. The legends are far apart and you really want to connect them by laying out sections, exposing correspondence. To do this, use an enchanted pencil that sets boundaries that will become safe ways for someone who needs to reach friends and family quickly. The lines should be drawn at the base on a uniquely assigned region. The done with the drawing will fall, will become steadfast and the cat or the cat will follow it to the participant. Each new quest will be more difficult in Love Cat Line.