Doggo Clicker

Doggo Clicker is an idle clicker game where you have to tap your dog to make him happier! There are many different makeovers you can get to create how many pictures you take - from a basic paper mouse as far as possible to the Dog God! You can also get some cool accessories for the dog like a crown for its head or shoes for its paws! When you reach level 100, you can boast of acquiring many more coin skins per click to get stronger! How about we see you and your companion dominate.

Doggo Clicker is a fun clicker game that lets you click with your adorable dog. His state of mind turns out to be better when you click on him. There are 50 unique updates and 21 extras; make it look more cool and decent. Zoom in, pay attention to detail, and progress faster. Likewise, there are 2 levels of respect and a house to make up, have a great time!