Castle Wars: Modern

Castle Wars: Modern is an active combat game that takes place in different areas such as the moon, advanced urban communities and science fiction areas. Engage in extraordinary combat using a wide variety of sensible weapons and gear. Experience exciting game modes including zombie battles, two-player duels, and epic skirmishes. Choose your favorite mode and embark on a pixelated battle experience in the newest world.

In the new exciting web-based game Castle Wars: Modern, we have to welcome you to participate in battles that will take place in different locations. Symbols will appear on the screen in front of you, each indicating a specific area. After choosing the location of the battle, you will see it in front of you. Your personality will be on one side of the area and the opponent will be on the other. Using the control keys, you will control the activities of your persona. He must move towards the enemy. When you're close to him, you'll really want to attack him. Using your weapon you have to destroy the opponent and for that in the game Castle Wars: Modern day you will be given tricks.

Prepare for the latest installment in the Palace Wars series, highlighting battles in a range of energizing areas such as the moon, modern urban communities, and science fiction.

This time the game offers a more hands-on encounter with different weapons and hardware that you can use. Counting lightsabers.

With various game modes available, including zombie battles, two-player duels and battles, you can choose your favorite mode and guide to start the epic pixelated battles in the advanced world.