Water Color Sort

Water Color Sort is a puzzle game where your goal is to sort liquids by type by mixing them appropriately. Start by moving the liquids into the correct cylinders until there is only one ton for each cylinder. Think coherently and find some way to sort the brilliant water. In case you get slow or make mistakes, you can constantly get a trace or correct your latest development! Share Water Color Sort with your companions and see who can complete the game the fastest.

The tubes are filled with multi-colored liquid, while in certain compartments the liquid is organized into layers of three or more types. Your task in the Water Color Sort game is to isolate each of the layers and empty them into individual jars so that each one is filled to the top with one tone. When the jar is full, you'll see some euphoric firecrackers and a beep to check your average triumph. With each new level, the amount of glass test cylinders will increase and the range of liquid varieties will also develop. This means that undertakings will prove more troublesome in Water Color Sort.