Color Bump 3D

Color Bump 3D is a great arcade game with retro illustrations and wonderful dynamic tones. In this game you have to control a ball and try not to hit objects that are not in a similar tone as the ball! The speed moves gradually, but as it progresses it turns out to be faster - you have to have amazing reactions and use dragging movements to move the ball. The material component of the game is fascinating - you can use the shaded objects to take different shapes away. There are many levels to play, each with an alternate test and stacking! Shading Bump 3D is a port of a well-known universal game that has finally found its way to the web. The basic standard is really clear - you control a small ball that is constantly moving forward. There are several obstacles along the way that you need to overcome. However, there is a small problem as you can just touch obstacles that are similar in tone to your ball. In case you connect with a stone with an alternative tone, the game closes and you have to start all the time. There are 800 levels produced. How far could you go?