Om Nom: Bubbles

Om Nom: Bubbles is an extremely basic game in which you will probably take care of Om Nom, the main character of the famous adventure Cut the Rope, with any amount of sweets that could be expected. The point here is that both the sweets and Om Nom himself will be constantly carried and moved. Om Nom: Bubbles interactivity is really basic. Om Nom is inside an air pocket that gradually rises up the screen near various air pockets. Some of the air pockets have candies, some are unfilled, and others have bugs. If you contact an air pocket, it will explode and its substance will fall. However, in case he comes across an alternative air pocket, he will enter the air pocket and continue leafing through it. The main goal of the game is to take care of Om Nom any number of confectionery that can be allowed before it falls ... or on the other hand disappears at the top of the screen. You also need to remember that when you accidentally make a treat, it falls on other cakes, it therefore "strengthens" and gives you more focus. Om Nom: Bubbles is an addictive game whose extremely long interaction separates it from the adventure Cut The Rope. Fortunately, it has a beautiful design and charm on its charming principle. Get ready for the new difficult experience of Om Nom "Om Nom Bubbles" and help him capture this load of wonderful cakes! Shoot as many cakes as you might expect and fast, with the proviso that time is running out! Put in huge focusing measures and open strong catalysts that you can use to increase the time or cause huge explosions. Undoubtedly, the best shooters with an air pocket will reach a chain of 10 hits to open the incredible fireball that cuts the air pockets like margarine. Om Nom will compensate you with puzzling achievements for every crazy move you make, so don't stop with dangerous moves! So take your cakes, put a spot laser and help Om Nom get the most cakes known to man! Om Nom's frog home is in danger. Pieces of different tones appeared above him, gradually falling. In the game Om Nom Bubbles will help our legend to save his home. You will see shiny balls on the screen. Below them will be your personality, near which there will be a cannon. The weapon is suitable for throwing single charges, which will also have a certain tone. You need to carefully analyze everything and find the position of a set of objects with the same tone as your frame. Aiming a gun at them will fire a shot. The center that hits these things will blow them up. For this you will get tricks and clear to clear the field of balls.