Mega Ramp Stunt Cars

Mega Ramp Stunt Cars is a crazy driving game where you can drive a stunt vehicle on the most extraordinary track you have ever seen. You are miles in the sky, far above the fog with only a sheer drop on either side of the runway.

Push your driving skills to arguably the most extreme levels on this unforgiving race track as you try to stay on the tight track while driving as fast as possible. Perform crazy tricks and fly over slopes to really show that you have the guts to be the best driver in the land and sky.

Driving bosses show their abilities in Mega Ramp Stunt Cars game. Drive your vehicle in the practical city and traffic; unlock new vehicles by completing different missions. Complete 15 unique missions and discover some secret coins in the guide! Continue with additional noticeable and fast vehicles... If you prefer not to do the missions, be sure to check out the free meander segment.

For the brave fans we present another intriguing internet game Mega Ramp Stunt Cars. In it, you will participate in vehicle races during which you have to perform different types of tricks. In front of you on the screen will be a uniquely made bump track. Your vehicle will be on the starting line. On cue, pressing the gas pedal, you will rush forward along the street, slowly moving. Check the screen. The street you will drive on has many problematic turns and other dangerous segments. You drive your vehicle you have to pass through this large number of risky regions with speed. Also you have to do ski jump in which you can play any stunt. He in the game Mega Ramp Stunt Cars will be rated by a certain number of focuses.