Vikings vs Skeletons

Vikings are not hesitant people, it is difficult to surprise and worry them with something, but what happened in their space recently made even twelve people think. From youth, Vikings were raised in unforgiving conditions, preparing for a brutal military life. Their relatives raided their neighbors and continued long ascents across the oceans. Regardless, they are not ready at the moment. The lands of the Vikings were invaded by a dead host of skeletal heroes. There are many of them and it is very difficult to kill a skeleton. In any case, there was a hero who had a unique power, one hit was enough for him to hit a bone beast. You will help him in the game Vikings vs. Skeletons destroy all the undead. Smash the skeletons with your axe, stay away from dangerous traps and collect valuable coins and pearls in Vikings vs Skeletons! This side-scrolling platformer takes inspiration from the absolute most famous artworks of the past and takes their plans to another level with its advanced fresh-looking designs and refreshed controls using both portable and working gadgets. Play as a young Viking hero trying to establish himself and protect his estates from the armed forces of the undead. Overcoming such a dark enchantment will not be easy, but with a trusty sword by your side, you can face any enemy without fear! Run, jump from one stage to another, explore the region and search for hidden treasures to get your home back. Move left and right by pressing the appropriate keys on the bolts. Jump by holding up and clicking the sword symbol to attack. Post for spikes and various traps - they can deplete your life soon if you're not careful. Fighting the skeletons is a constant ordeal: try to avoid getting hurt by attacking them from behind and stay out of the way as much as you can to increase your chances of staying strong. Vikings vs Skeletons is an amazing modern game that can be played online without entering your gadget. Take part in its beautiful visuals and fun levels for nothing! Vikings vs Skeletons is a 2D platformer. Become a viking and fight against the skeletons. Collect all the stars, gems and coins. Try to make the most ideal result. Battle for greatness! Vikings vs Skeletons is a web based game that you can play for nothing. Vikings vs Skeletons is a fun side-scrolling experience that is made on a 2D stage. The game highlights 6 levels that will challenge you to pulsate each and every beast like skeletons and collect each of the stars and hearts. Can you complete each level without damage? Challenge yourself and become the player with the most focuses!