Pull My Tongue

Chameleon Greg is impatient and just popcorn will do it! Help Greg fill his waist with his number 1 food by tackling over 85 delicious, burdensome puzzles in 5 universes in Pull My Tongue. Pull Greg's tongue at the popcorn, but still be careful to stay away from critics, jumps and various dangers that block his direction! In case that's enough so you don't try your hand at mystery, there are also 3 stars in each "Pull My Tongue" degree to get together so you can flaunt your enthusiasm and help Greg get wonderful nail polish! Meet Greg. An impatient little chameleon who loves popcorn! Help take care of Greg by running his tongue through a series of funny riddles that include, critics, spikes, chewing gum, inflatable, and that's just the beginning. Frog Tom loves many different desserts. As if walking through the remote forests, he was transported to the enchanted world and saw that there were many desserts around him. At the moment he has to collect a lot of desserts and return home. We with you in the game Pull my tongue will help him in this. With the help of language, our legend must omit specific elements. However, there will be various obstacles between the frog and the product.