Year Round Fashionista: Curly

In Year Round Fashionista: Curly, make the design trip you've always wanted for a whole year with Moana! Make a stunning search for any time of the year and be the amazing beautician of the year. There are several neon searches for hot days and excellent nice clothes for the colder times of the year. Use your creative mind to choose the best popular clothes in Year Round Fashionista: Curly. Year Round Fashionista: Curly is another part of the fun Fashionista series. In this scene you will decorate and style the famous Disney character Moana. Obviously you have to choose clothes for Moana for every long part of the year - every month there is an alternative arrangement of clothes to look at and you can let your imagination go crazy! Every time you choose her clothes, you can style her hair and cosmetics in the same way. Don't forget to take a photo when you choose Moana's clothes for each month! In case you're in this scene, why not help stylize some other Disney characters like Ariel and Elsa? They also need your help in design. The design is as impulsive as the spring climate, so young ladies should be aware of it. We offer you a closet at any time of the year. Choose a day from the schedule and a bunch of clothes and jewelry will appear in front of you. Choose the right one and wear the superiority according to the climate.