Protect My Dog

In the event that your dearest pet was in a difficult situation, you will make an honest effort to save it. This means that you will not remain unconcerned about the fate of the puppies that you will find in the game Protect My Dog. In fifty levels you have to protect the dogs from honey bees, hot magma and thistles. You just have an enchanted pencil. With it you will make insurance for creatures that will protect them from all failures. Remember that honey bees are extremely strong, they will chase the wall you draw, so the main areas of strength should be impervious to the honey bee hits in Protect My Dog. Protect My Dog is a drawing puzzle game where you want to draw a protective air pocket around your Shiba Inu dog so that it is protected from everything outside like honey bees and magma. What are you going to draw? Ink is limited, so be shrewd and skilled. Protect My Dog is a game loved by many children in this world. All things considered, we as a whole definitely love critters and are willing to do whatever it takes to save them under various basic circumstances. Today you will save the lovely Barbos, who prefers not to fall into the snare of the disgusting honey bees. Help him not to be upset by difficult and hungry honey bees. You will see a creature on the battlefield that the requirements help. The dog meandered along the roads and passed over a honey bee house, from which a horde of honey bees flew out and chased him. You have to protect your dog from magma, spikes and various natural hazards. The battle against the honey bees will continue for 50 levels and with each stage things will get more and more disturbing. Define boundaries to make walls. They will protect your pet. We wish you an amazing time and save the dog from all risks!