My Little Army

My Little Army is a fighting game based on methodology. Summon your soldiers and defeat the enemies. This is a web based combat game in which you will send troops into battle to provide a huge creature. In My Little Army, the main man of the game had a bad night's sleep after a big dinner and chose to attack his enemies! He has numerous units under his influence, but at the same time he needs help in escalating the conflict. Would you be able to overcome rivals in general and show everyone that you are the most impressive person by winning the conflict? Your goal in this game is clear and unambiguous! You are trying to win the conflict by using different units to attack and destroy your opponents. You can play the game with the mouse. To start the game, click the play button in the main menu. The game highlights different levels and each level gives you different missions to complete. The moment you start a level, your personality is located on the left half of the screen, while your opponents are located on the right. From the bottom of the screen you can choose different units to send from your enemy. You can also change the main bar of spells by tapping the button in the lower left corner. Spells and units cost mana to use and you can check your mana from the highest point on the screen. In case your legend passes, you will lose the game. In this game you will have to attack while guarding your base. Gather your own army and defeat your opponents! Spend your mana insightfully for warriors or spells. In the Pixie woods divisions, all divided into two armed forces. Some chose to go for a huge monkey and others for a snake. Trees will give you energy, which is important to call employees. After each level of success, you will receive exceptional tricks that can be spent on improving soldiers and their own abilities. You can encourage a person in different titles: toxophilus, champion, magician, healer.