Juicy Run

Juicy Run - an arcade 3D game with amazing illustrations and sweet food. You really want to control your power and cut natural products. Complete each of the captivating levels with traps and various obstacles. Turn the dangerously sharp edge of the roundabout at maximum speed and get ready to run boldly on a long road full of natural products, slopes, coins and endless obstacles in the game Juicy Run! Can you reach the most remarkable result by affecting your direction with your damaging sharp edge? Go as far as you can, go through piles of levels, anything complicated from the last, and appreciate the beautiful and definite illustrations. For the youngest guests on our site we present another game Juicy Run. In it you can take part in an intriguing competition that will test your attentiveness and agility. In front of you on the screen you will see a treadmill on which the circular saw will roll, gradually moving. You need to control its activities using the control keys. Various leafy foods will appear in the path of the saw. You need to make sure that the saw will cut these items into pieces. You will be given tricks for this. In the same way, there will be obstacles in the way of the saw, which you must beware of.