In Badland, you control a secret animal in a semi-dark forest. Traps and obstacles get in the way and you have to reach the exit line to complete the level. Pay attention to the elements of the environment and focus on the screen while moving, because if we assume that the screen hits you, you have to restart. Try to complete the difficulties in each level. The game with dominating honor is finally here to play for nothing online! Experience these wonderful universes as you fly in search of another journey. Barren Desert was a hit for Android and you can now rate it from your program! Find a platformer with a unique design. Manage an unusual animal that will reveal a vague mystery as you move through the strangest and riskiest stages. Clear 40 levels filled with traps and obstacles. The game, which is constantly applauded by experts, is an epic side-scrolling game that will amaze you with its extravagant basics, lighting effects and shadow play style. The pleasant sound climate really gives the impression of advancing in a climate that is both mechanical and natural. In any case, the game will also explore your nerves, as it is also about "bite the dust and try again" ... In addition, to move on, you will do a lot, usually because specific records and levels can to turn out horrible. First, your charmingly fuzzy flying animal will be constantly augmented by rewards, and you'll need to run a real variety of clones on screen on a regular basis. It is difficult, especially since the loops are different and thus you cannot save everyone ... Accordingly, it will be important to admit that you are doing penance and if by some luck an animal understands how to reach the end of the level, it is approved. However, be careful with the inspection, which looks at variable speeds and which does not stop for a second to swallow each of the clones that have the disaster to stay for a while.