Mini Switcher Plus

Smaller than usual pink jam goes through a colossal green world consisting of thirty degrees Mini Switcher Plus. He has a remarkable ability - to control gravity and this will allow the legend to bypass all obstacles. In any case, this requires specific ability and experience, which must be shown to you. Each time you click on the legend, it will be on the roof and the next click will bring it back to earth. For this situation, the legend will move constantly and fast enough. You have the ability and willpower to touch it at the right second. In order to have the opportunity and energy to change his position. If it's not a big deal, keep in mind that it can't get around obstacles in the Mini Switcher Plus. Smaller than usual Switcher Plus is a fun 3D game for scenes and experiences, in which you will get the opportunity to appreciate amazing designs in retro style, while taking the main person in the game to the pink banner on each level. It sounds simple, but you will still have to face a wide range of obstacles and opponents, while controlling the laws of gravity, but consider it good, try not to color the experience. Mini Switcher Plus is a game for exchanging gravity with one button and a superb adaptation of Mini Switcher. Help the pink table reach the flag by exchanging gravity and stay away from deadly deterrents.